Our staff


George loves the team that he has built up at georgie love HAIRSTUDIO  and enjoys training and encouraging everyone to keep on top of training, new techniques and product knowledge.   He is a very technical hairdresser and is a perfectionist with colour formulas and cutting techniques. Every day is a new opportunity for George to learn as well as an opportunity to pass on his own knowledge to the rest of the team.



Tanya has a huge range of knowledge about the international hair and fashion scene, one of the highlights of Tanya’s career was training with Vidal Sassoon. Tanya is a very friendly, calm, experienced stylist who enjoys being creative and finding each of her clients’ individual style. She is passionate about make up and wedding hair.




Hannah has been hairdressing for 11 years. She is a local to Wellington, and has trained in a top inner city salon. She is an experienced stylist, with a positive attitude towards life and has a lot of creative energy. She loves talking with her clients and finding out about what style would suit their lifestyle, but she is also playful with her colours and likes to give clients options to experiment with.





Liana is very knowledgeable with the Goldwell colour range that we use at georgie love HAIRSTUDIO. She is great at the classic styles and also has a fun, young approach to hair that is very creative. Her bubbly personality is popular with our clients.






Shelly is inspired in her career and personal life, by her clients and loves getting to know them.

She also gets hairdressing inspiration from the changing seasons, social media, and different cultures. Shelly can be described as an old spirit in a young person. She is very mature, caring, funny and determined to do well. Her consultations are excellent, very thorough and professional.