georgie love HAIRSTUDIO uses and stocks KMS products because KMS combine a passion for science, with the latest technology and natural ingredients to provide superior, styling results.


KMS is so committed to using natural ingredients that its 100% vegan formulations combines organic botanicals and aromatherapy. Some of the ingredients are: almond, basil, aloe, vanilla, eucalyptus, cinnamon, fig, jojoba, grapefruit, thyme, lilac, ginger, lavender, orange, mint, pepper, rosemary, fennel, lime, grape, peppermint, sage, pear, olive and chamomile.


KMS makes their hair products so you can express your creative individuality. They have created an innovative, powerful nutrient delivery system which allows the reconstructive and conditioning agents to penetrate deep into the hair.


KMS indulges us with an extensive range of take-home products which care for and style your hair whilst maintaining great colour results. We inspire you to create your individual look at home with our comprehensive styling range which offers value for money. Talk to us about which KMS products are right for your hair.